ARJUN JANYA was born on 13th May 1980 to Mr. Ashwath Kumar and Mrs. Anusuya in the city of Bengaluru, Karnataka. Getting inspired to AR Rahman music he learnt music from James. Later on Arjun started his career by assisting composers such as V. Manohar and K. Kalyan. He worked as a keyboard player for around 30 films.

His first release as a music director was Autograph Please (2006) starring Sanjjanaa and Dilip Raj. Since then, he had been composing for various films but with little success until he scored the music for the film Birugaali in 2009. All the songs of this film were noticed and appreciated. Following this, he tasted success by scoring for the film Sanchari in 2010.

However, his biggest breakthrough came with the Sudeep directorial and starrer Kempe Gowda in 2011, a remake of Tamil blockbuster Singam. During this time, he changed his name from Arjun to Arjun Janya. Some articles report that a meeting between Arjun and Oscar winning composer A. R. Rahman changed his fortunes in the music industry. The song "Khaali Quarter" which he composed for the 2013 film Victory went on viral and was on top of the charts for many weeks.